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A boat trip to Middelgrunden
On a cold day in the end of March a Japanese delegation joined a green energy tour to see and learn about the turbines on Middelgrunden.

A brand new walking tour
Come join an one hour stroll along the harbor of Copenhagen and learn about green energy.

Green Biking Tours
Come on a green Copenhagen tour by bike. To make reservations write an email to:

Short news
The flying Dutchman, a KLM magazine, has just written an article about the greenest city in the world - and our Green Copenhagen Tour was mentioned because the journalist went on a tour with us!

On the 26th of November 2012 Visit Denmark wrote an article about us

On the 22nd of November 2012 the newsletter from Wonderful Copenhagen brought an article of our green tours

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We have just started collaborating with the bus company Nettbuss because it is the most eco friendly bus company in Denmark with a ISO 14001 certification.
Find us on the Royal Danish Embassy in Kiev’s Facebook!

Denmark The Green State

Global warming and carbon dioxide emissions are words that you often hear. There is intense focus throughout the world upon climate change and there remains little doubt that all countries need to reduce their CO2 emissions.

For many years Denmark has been conscious of these problems and worked tirelessly to find environmentally friendly solutions. Our climate strategy has a long term aim to base our transport and energy systems on 100% renewable energy. Denmark's goal is to be fossil free by 2050.

On- and offshore wind turbines provide more than 28 per cent of Denmark’s electricity consumption today. This is the highest level of wind power integration in the world. By 2020, wind power will account for 50 per cent of the electricity supply, according to recent government targets.

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